Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Life as a Pie

Lately I have been really trying to think of my life as a pie, does this seem weird? I just find that some pieces are getting really big, while unfortunately the others are getting smaller. With 24 hours in a day how is it possible to try and touch on all of these areas? I am very happy that I am in school, working, and still working and keeping very busy with my new life in Calgary, but sometimes I feel like I am forgetting other areas of myself and as a consequence, I feel exhausted.

So one portion of this pie seems to stare me right in the face, HOBBIES! So it is a common question that many people get asked... what are your hobbies? This seems to always stump me? I mean... I have a lot of hobbies.... I like to shop, obsess over personal finance goals and opportunities (I guess that is the accountant in the works talking), go for walks, spend hours looking at pointless things on the internet, read occasionally, go to yoga when I have time... but lets be honest...doesn't this list not seem a little lame to tell someone? Why can't I be an avid crocheter... or runner.. or something lol?

I guess my hope is that I can pay a little more attention to my personal pie and make sure that in 2013 some don't get larger and others get smaller. While there are only 24 hours in a day, I need to use every hour to the best of my abilities. I hope to use my time more effectively; make that time with loved ones more meaningful... (no I do not need to check instagram every 6 minutes lol), give myself that personal growth time.. and really just make every moment count.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reading Week

 This was my view waking up this morning


 and this is where I got to spend the whooooollleeeeeee week with my bestest friends.

How cute is this place?


The best thing about living in Calgary is going home to see my family in Edmonton. There is something fun about having that little distance so when you do go home, everyone is so excited to see you! This past weekend Darren and I were laying in bed wondering what we needed to get done before heading out to Fairmont with some friends, when we decided to delay the trip a day and go surprise me sister for her 30th birthday! I definitely have no regrets! We had so much fun seeing everyone, enjoyed the yummy catered food and seeing my sister so happy to see us.

I love my family.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ring is Back in Action

After two weeks of my finger feeling completely naked my ring is back! I love how it is finally soldered and fits much better... I hope it never has to leave again.

Who Needs Friends When You Have Pizza?

 Una on 17th avenue!

On Saturday Holly and I had lots of fun exploring 17th. It was such a beautiful day and all I wore was a light jacket, which was a nice change from the Arctic freeze-over we were having the previous week. It was the first time I have really checked it out the place and I found the most amazing stationary/party store, Reid's. They had everything under the sun, to the cutest personalized stationary, office supplies, endless gift ideas, and to pens worth more then my wedding ring... needless to say I was a kid in a candy store; as you can tell from the bag... clearly I had to leave with something! I also loved Rubaiyat... they had the cutest jewelery (a little out of my price range unfortunately) and lots of fun and unique home furnishings, which I have been seriously obsessed with lately,  I am just so excited to decorate our new place!

Lunch was amazing too! Una has my favorite honey and cheese pizza, I know I know... it does sound a little peculiar, but let me tell you all (the all 5 of you who read my blog)... it is life changing! We also loved our date prosciutto wraps.. and our free desert!

I had so much fun with Holly and I cant wait to go back!

Renting Fun!

This makes me giggle. 

After finding a note under our door where normally we only come across marbles and other fun things that will fit though the door, we now get messages! ... and looks like Darren is now participating in the fun. I will miss this when we  move into our new house in about 2 months.. but that is about the only thing ill miss.. hehe.