Thursday, August 23, 2012

Engagement Life

I love being engaged. I feel like I am always adjusting the position of my hand so the whole world can see that I am engaged. It really is the best feeling to make that commitment that to someone else and know that you have someone else making that commitment to you.  Darren and I decided to stay in Calgary where I have been living the past 5 months. It sometimes feels like I am miles away from my family and friends, but I really do love it. We are living in a basement suite for the next year until our house is finished being built.... I can't even believe I am saying that. I will have to post pictures soon... we are so excited.. and let me tell you it is so much fun to choose everything... I am going a little crazy. I will post pictures soon.


  1. These photos are so beautiful! Can't wait to follow your blog :)

    Meg @

  2. Your engagement photos are so beautiful... I wish ours looked that good. :)


  3. i have such fun memories from when i was engaged. such an exciting time!! your pictures are gorgeous - you make such a cute couple.

  4. How adorable are you AND these photos?! Thanks for sharing... looking forward to pics of your house in the future, too!

  5. Beautiful photos of you two <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella