Monday, November 19, 2012

Grateful Mondays

I have always really liked Monday's. Monday's are a day to have a fresh start to a fresh week, with a whole weekend behind you for a promising start. I guess it is kind of like a weekly New Years.. you always are a little extra motivated to be a little bit better then the week before. This being said...I have also always loved the first day of school too and  Darren thinks I am straight up crazy, so maybe liking Monday's goes along with my weird thinking? Not sure if I am alone on this one? Lately however, something has changed... maybe my husband is starting to rub off on me......BUT I HATE MONDAYS. All it is, is a day start another repetitive week of work. So to combat this very negative thinking... have decided I need to change my attitude... and what better what to think of 5 things that I am grateful for small or big.... EVERY MONDAY!

1) Lets start off super conceited... I love my new anthropology coat purchased fully on a gift card from work... so technically a free new coat.. love it even more! 
sub gratitude: iphone mirror pics to get approval from husband lol lol.

2) Famoso becoming part of my diet at least twice a week. Who ever thought brussels sprout pizza could blow my mind so much. 

3) Surprising a friend a work with an ipod to help her out with her christmas shopping for her kids... giving is really better then receiving. 

4) Having a husband who woke up early this morning to start the crock pot to make cafe rio pull apart pork for tonight and who sends me hilarious texts like these...(yes he is the grey). Who buys a calendar these days.. let alone the one below?.... yup it is currently on our fridge. 

5) I am sorry but its true much to Darren's dismay... this is my favorite place at any time of the day...... I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR MY BED lol... yup I run to it everyday after work. The only good thing about a windowless basement suite is... it can be bed time whenever you want.

Now I wonder how I can start liking Tuesday's more.. lets me honest.. there is nothing good about a Tuesday.............. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Today is the first day that Darren and I have been apart since September 14th. And of course this is the day that my battery goes dead at work. Yup..... I guess you can't really tell that your lights are on when the sun is up? Luckily I have great people I work with to help me out, while I proved I know nothing about cars, however; I did learn that if something did happen and I was alone, I can't even pop my own trunk on a vehicle I have owned for almost 5 years. Also maybe also shouldn't of asked the gentlemen who were helping me if i should drive to them or they should drive to me to boost the car? Wow. One of those days. Its times like these I really should just sit back and observe. 

I must say though as much as I miss Darren it is kind of nice having the place alone. Darren distracts me too much or more like I just get distracted myself by him. Now I can officially clean more then one room faster then I usually can in a week when he is with me. 

So I didn't think I would say it but, wahoooooo me time!!!!!!