Monday, November 12, 2012

Today is the first day that Darren and I have been apart since September 14th. And of course this is the day that my battery goes dead at work. Yup..... I guess you can't really tell that your lights are on when the sun is up? Luckily I have great people I work with to help me out, while I proved I know nothing about cars, however; I did learn that if something did happen and I was alone, I can't even pop my own trunk on a vehicle I have owned for almost 5 years. Also maybe also shouldn't of asked the gentlemen who were helping me if i should drive to them or they should drive to me to boost the car? Wow. One of those days. Its times like these I really should just sit back and observe. 

I must say though as much as I miss Darren it is kind of nice having the place alone. Darren distracts me too much or more like I just get distracted myself by him. Now I can officially clean more then one room faster then I usually can in a week when he is with me. 

So I didn't think I would say it but, wahoooooo me time!!!!!! 

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