Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Cruise with the Gardners

We just got back today from an amazing trip to Florida in which we also hopped on a cruise for 5 days through the Bahamas! It was so much fun and the highlight for me was definitely being able to visit Atlantis! For all of you who are Mary Kate and Ashley fans and who have seen Island in the Sun you know just how exciting this was.

Favorite moments in a nutshell:

1) Eating copious amounts of food and unlimited twist cones on the cruise
2) Our waiter from India named Uma.
3) Seeing Darren at at the airport as he left a couple days earlier then me. Couldn't stop smiling.
4) Bahama Breeze. So delicious. 
5) Getting to jet ski at Darren's family condo
6) Double tubing with Darren as we went through a tunnel filled with hammerhead sharks.
7) Shorkeling in Cococay and finding a lonesome little stingray
8) Late night swimming with Holly
9) Walking around Atlantis with Darren through the beaches and amazing aquariums
10) All the fun people watching that Florida and airports have to offer.
11) Celebrating being married for 3 months!!!!!!
12) The Love and Marriage night show on the cruise... Darren and I cried laughing as 75 year old couples answered the most hilarious questions. 
13) Coming back to Calgary and stopping for Mcdonalds and spending the rest of the day napping.

Cant even believe next week we are off to Mexico... lol we are seriously way too spoiled.

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  1. Omgosh this sounds so fun! I loved that MK & A film lol! Miss you pretty!