Monday, January 7, 2013

Cabo 2012/2013

It was pretty exciting to get this surprise.... just bumped up to the two floor penthouse

Lovers beach: Darren's favourite place.

All the cousin flocked to Darren. Claire even said he was "the most cuddliest boy in the world" lol 

Family elevator selfies... with 5 girls in my family alot of selfies happened...

Darren trying to capture my attention from above. Whale watching sure was fun!

Looks like Darren is caught on fire....

Nothing better in life; moments with family.

 My beautiful little cousin... who isn't so little anymore.

 We loved our roof top hot tubs.. especially getting ready to watch the fireworks for New Years!

 Sisters!!! From Left: Alexa, Britlyn, and me!


I have the cutest cousins in the world...

My family minus Tessa and Joel. From Left: Matt (Alexa's Boyfriend), Alexa, Britlyn, me, Darren, Mom, Dad!

 Cousin's dinner out!

Having fun at the marina!!

Ringing in 2013 with a bang!

I had an amazing time with all my family in Cabo this year, but I promise there are no more trips coming any time soon. We sure were lucky to get to go do so much island hoping last month...  if I didn't have any photos I wouldn't even be sure that December wasn't just a dream.

Favorite moments in a nutshell:

1) Seeing so much family that I have not seen in so long. 
2) Waking up in our room... the walking to check out the beautiful day before us on the deck... nothing to do all day but whatever you wanted.
3) Finding $1.00 burritos at the local store which was for the local workers... but we quickly all caught on and ran there every morning to ensure we could get some before 10:00 am.
4) Watching my grandparents get their portrait done at our last mexican feast in town... keeping the love alive.
5) Walks on the beach, especially with Darren on New Years as the parties and music surrounded us and the ocean was so warm.
6) Going to lovers beach and watching Darren skim board, cliff dive, swim in no swimming zones and whatever life or death excursion he could discover.
7) The laughs that came after Lauren popped out of the water after we all thought she was missing. I think me and Kaitlyn said about 3 prayers.... 
8) Hot tubs on the roof overlooking cabo every night
9) Mexican Walmart
10) Bargaining for bracelets on the beach... I think they can all retire now after my family discovered that they resembled the Michael Kors ones.
11) Tres Leche.... who knew this existed.. so good!!!
12) After wanting to get a couples massage so bad... I finally got the chance at the Mexico airport lol.
13) Paddle boarding... and watching my mom try it determined not to get a drop of water on her.. and she succeeded!
14) Being able to bring all the memories that were created there back with me... sure made me realize how lucky I have been in 2012. 

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