Thursday, October 25, 2012

Five Guys and Punch Buggies

Today was so much better then yesterday. After falling asleep two nights in a row at 6:00pm I finally felt alive at work today. My favorite part of today was when Darren picked me up at work and took me to Five Guys. I was hesitate about such a high calorie stop as I was really full from eating all sorts of snacks at work, but decided I would go check it out and maybe share something with Darren.  Darren was starving of course and didn't like this idea, so he instead suggested I get my own small burger and he would have some of it after he finished eating his. Well long story short... they messed up and gave me the larger burger as well... and surprise surprise... I ate the whole thing.

This is me getting ready to share most of my burger with Darren as it was clearly huge and I was too full for such a thing.

 ........And the day wasn't complete with out temporary new ride...

I laughed pretty hard when I came out of work and saw Darren in this as I had no idea he was picking it up. It even had the classic flower holder near the steering wheel. Looking good Darren!

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